Writing Competition


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In my high school we had English Week and we had a writing competition. If you want to write a story I had to be exactly 100 words and you had to include to the word magic, goldfish or topaz in the story. If you want to write a poem you have to write a 10 lined poem with the word magic, goldfish or topaz in the poem. There was a prize for each year level and it was chocolate.

I had won 1st in the story and my friend Natalia had won 1st for the poem and we were both in the same class which was a delight!!

I had entered a story and here it is:

The boy and the Lost Memory

Hiding my face in a book, with the sun glinting through my hair, I take a peek into the real world, where I see a boy, staring at me in such curiosity. He looks familiar. A small shiver went down my spine.

A magic flash appeared in my eyes, I see a little girl and a little boy chasing each other in circles with capes at their backs. It was me and the boy; he is like a missing memory.

I shook it off and saw the boy at my side with a playful smile like it once was before.





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Custom Birthday Card

Camp Day 2 NIGHT:


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That night was the night that my group had to do duty group. Some didn’t attend because we went to the pool and took our showers so some kind people helped too. On the menu it said that we were having pasta and Garlic Bread.

After we finished setting the plates, spoons, forks, knives and cups we went outside and waited for a few minutes then it was DINNER TIME!! I love Pasta and Garlic Bread together. I sat with Rebecca, Ruth, Dessika, Alyssa, Angelica (a.k.a. Angie), Kathleen, Alicia and Me.

When we got our pasta we could smell how delicious they were. We stopped by the table in the middle and got about 3 garlic bread each.  IT WAS DELICOUS!!! I LOVED IT!! I usually don’t like garlic bread but at camp it was just heaven !!! Rebecca and Ruth kept getting up from the table and getting more and more Garlic Bread!! Angie had said that they should not eat too much or they will miss desert which was chocolate Mousse. It was delightful.


After that pleasant meal they announced that we were going to watch a movie so we rushed to our cabins and got in our pyjamas, pillow and our sleeping bag and ran as fast back to the hall. I was lucky cause I was kind  of early so I got to be close  to the screen. When everybody arrived the teacher was having difficulties with the projector so we had to wait until we had a mini talent show where Remalya, Noreen and another girl sang.  The other girl sang Fireworks. Her voice was very unique. It was lovely. Meanwhile Remalya and Noreen did a duet. They sang a church song. It sounded very angelic.

We had to wait a little longer until the teacher realised that a person had their birthday on that day. Everybody sang happy birthday to her then sang happy birthday to Alexia too, because the next day was her birthday. Finally the teachers got the projector to work. We got to choose which movie we wanted to watch and most of us chose Matilda (I chose Matilda even though I watched it several times). In the movie it involved family and that made me think of my family to.

As I walked out of the door I tried to hold my tears back. Good thing my friend Archita distracted me by talking about the giant swing. Once I brushed my teeth, washed my face and combed my hair, I went to bed. Kathleen and other people in my cabin was still awake. Kathleen was reading and the others were talking and I felt alone and a hint of sadness. Before I knew it tears rolled down my cheeks and as always Dessika and Natalia was at my side. Dessika is always there when I need her since primary school. She is a really nice person.


I think I was just tired from the long day. I went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror my cheeks was pink and my eyes was red and puffy. I washed my face so I could clear my head then went back to bed where I remembered that I had a book in my bag. I used my torch so I could read because all the lights was closed except for the bathroom. I was so into the book I forgot about my meltdown. When my eyes was sore I put my book down and closed my light then snugged in my sleeping bag and hugged my pillow. When I woke up this morning I could see the sun trying to break into the room through the curtains and I could hear Kathleen shaking me and saying wake up Johanna it is 7:00 but that is a different story……..

Camp Day 2:


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So when got to the main camp site, we got all our luggage and went to our cabins. I was in Cabin 21 with Angelica (a.k.a Angie), Lyanna, Aneesha and Kathleen. I slept on a bunk bed which I shared with Kathleen. I hate going on the top bunk, I like the bottom bunk better.

After we settled in, we went for lunch. In my opinion I didn’t like Lunch that day. We had Potato with any topping you like. I am not a fan of potato unless it is massed potato.

I didn’t eat much because we have most of our activities that day and we have the Giant Swing first. The Giant swing is basically a swing! Instead of pushing a person on a swing you pull a string. You have all this harness on you and it is not good to wear short denim short because then you will have a wedge. I hurts a lot. You get to choose which height you would be pulled up.

If you are going on the Giant Swing you should go right to the top because that means having a longer turn and it also means facing your fear if you’re afraid of heights because you go up really high. It is scary when the supervisor says “ 3,2,1 pull the string” because you have to pull a little string that will unleash you. Then when you unleash it you probably scream if you are a girl like me but it is alright if a boy screams because it is scary on the first and second swing but the rest, you just relax and enjoy.


After the Giant Swing we had the Interactive course. The first activity for the course was to race with the other half of your group. It wasn’t an ordinarily race but you had to step on tires that sink if you stay there too long.  The interactive course is all about teamwork. My Team eventually was the first group that got all our team mates to the other side without touching the ground, if they did, they had to start again.


Next was the Balance Wires. You have to Balance on wires with 2 people to help you so you won’t have to injure yourself by falling down. Simone was the first person she did it very swiftly. She did it without anyone’s help. Other people went and then it was my turn. I guess I did a good job because I didn’t need anyone’s help and I did it swiftly and My teacher said my feet didn’t wobble at all. I was happy.


The next one I don’t really remember what happen on the next one but I remember we had to cross the log with a person from the opposite team. I wasn’t good at that but going to the next one.


We had to arrange the tires in order to smallest to biggest on one pole and we weren’t allowed to stack a big tire on a small tire. We did it spectacularly.


We had to all go on 1 wire together and work together to get to the other side without touching the ground. It was really hard but we all made it while touching the ground sadly.


I would write all the activities we did on the course but we did so much that day so I’m going to tell you about the next activity.

The next activity that we had was the Twin Flying Fox. Since this time it was a twin flying fox we got to do it with a partner. I did it with Ivy. We were chosen to go on it second. When it was our turn we had to bring with us the cord that we had to run to the other side and get buckled up. It was so fun. It feel like you are flying.

After our turn I got the job of waving the flag so that the supervisor knows we are ready. This is for everybody’s safety. After that I gave Ivy a turn doing that job. Then my teacher told me that I could help everybody else to take of the equipment.


After the flying fox we got to finish the day with a swim in the pool.  It is so nice that we get to relax in the pool after that long day doing those fun activities but I guess not. It was a rush to go to the bathrooms and change into our bathers. We got our beach towels and thongs and off we went. Like I said I didn’t have a relaxing time at the pool but I did enjoy it. We did some jumps which was super fun. One side of the pool is really, really deep. I had a hard time swimming at the deep end without my goggles which I forgot to bring at camp. The only reason we didn’t have a relaxing time we played tiggy at the pool which makes you very tired.

Sadly we had to get out and then it was a rush again to the showers. I was very lucky to have a shower that day. We got change and had went straight to the hall to eat dinner but that is a different story.

Camp Day 1:


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On the 20th  of February the year 7’s in my High school went  to camp. We stay at the camp site for 3 days and 2 nights. In primary school we slept in cabins but since am in High school, we get to sleep in a tent but only for one night. Our Class and 2 other classes got to sleep in tents on the first night. Since I’ve never ever slept in a tent before, I was really excited.

The tent which is provided can fit 3 to 4 people in a tent. I got to sleep with 3 other people in my class. Natalia, Isabel (a.k.a Izzy) and Lillian. They were really nice people. The most exciting thing about going camping is pitching the tent up. I have never pitched a tent up so it was going to be challenging but with the help of my fellow tent mates and a few other people from my class to help, we got our tent up. Everybody wanted to peg the tent because we got to use a hammer to push the peg down on the ground. The hardest part was putting the pole in the middle of the tent because the tent was heavy.


When we got the tent up, we saw there was grass inside the tent so we swept the grass into a dustpan and  put our stuff in. Since we had 4 people in the tent it was hard to find out who is sleeping where. TThen I thought that 2 people can sleep at one side of the tent and the other 2 can sleep at the other side of the tent. We eventually fit in one tent.


We got to have sleeping mats so we can sleep on a flat surface. After that we go to have free time. I played soccer. Soccer is one of my favourite sports.  What is really exciting is we come from different primary schools so you wouldn’t know who is good at playing soccer and who is not. There was this girl who is not afraid to do headers. I don’t like doing headers because people say that you might get brain damage if you do headers and I don’t want that. She was spectacular. She also has a twin sister who was also playing but she wasn’t as good as her sister but they were extremely good at soccer.


After that I was so flattered so I went to the  gazebo to help out and make pizza which was for dinner. I got to put the topping. There was of course cheese and pizza sauce and capsicum, mushroom, olives and much more. Natalia was so sad when she didn’t get to make pizza. When it was dinner time everybody rushes when they hear the bell. We put hand sanitiser and then wait for our turn to get dinner. The dough was delicious but the topping kept on falling off. We got second serves too.


After dinner,  we got to go to the beach. We walked there and when we arrived everybody kicked off their shoes and ran for the cold, icy and clear water. First I didn’t want to go in the water because then afterwards  we have to put back our shoes which will be hard because the will be sand in your shoes but eventually Natalia and her friend Aneesha dragged me.  Then we all went for a walk on the beach linking arms. It was very windy. I felt really nice. Before we went back to the camp site we made sandcastles. It was so fun until the say let’s go and that means we have to put our shoes on. We never got told that we were going to the beach so we wore our thongs.


When we walked back, Natalia, Aneesha and I linked arms again back to the camp site. We were  talking about our Countries Traditions when we saw a cute white dog. We all went awww. Eventually the owner told the dog to go to us and we eventually touch the cute and white dog. Natalia was the main speaker and Aneesha and I would just listen. Natalia comes from Poland and they have very interesting traditions. When we were near we saw a girl walking by herself and Natalia wouldn’t allow that so we let her join in our chain to. It was fun.

Then we all split up into different tents except Natalia and I. We change into our PJ’s and the bell rang again and surprisingly we got hot coco and biscuits for a snack. We went to other peoples tents until our curfew which is at 10pm.  In our tents we come from different primary schools so we talked about our school life until we fell asleep.


I woke up to the sound of voices and laughing next door. I especially heard Natalia’s voice. I turned on the light and I say on my watch it was 1:00 am. I was shocked. I thought I will never get back to sleep. Natalia eventually came back a few minutes. I was also shocked that Lillian was awake too. Lucky for Izzy she was still fast asleep. I was really happy in the morning because I slept even though I woke up at 1am in the morning. Sadly next door they got into trouble for waking up our dance teacher. They didn’t get sleep at all. Other people who snuck into their tent also got into trouble and had to help with the duty group.


We had cereal, toast and baked beans for breakfast. I had cornflakes first then toast with butter actually  I got about 2 toasts that day. I was delicious. After Breakfast we took our tent down and went back to the main camp site where the cabins are but that is a different story.



High School


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I have been very busy even without homework. In primary school we have tubs but in high school we have lockers. Lockers are nice. You have to have locks on them so all your valuable things like phones and also your very expensive books. It was pretty hard to keep my locker tidy but I soon got the hang of it and now if you look at my locker it is pretty neat.

I like high school so far. One thing I like about High school now is going to different classroom for different subjects. We have homeroom teachers. My homeroom teacher also teaches English and Religion. So far I really enjoy English, Science, Geography and Maths. Everyone is always excited when we do science experiments. Recently we did about 3 to 6 experiments.  It is heaps of fun. Right now we are just learning the safety rules in a science lab. Today we learnt how to use Buns and Burners. See there is so much to live up to. If you don’t like science there is sports activities like cricket, tennis, badminton, swimming and athletics. If you do not like any of those there are drama and dance.

In my High School we have big sisters. They are help the year 7’s (little sister) to help with the transitions with primary school to high school. I love my big sister. She is very caring. If I have troubles they will help you they are like your actual big sister who always look out for you.


In high school we get to learn an instrument but I choose to do voice lessons. I am really looking forward to it. During my high school years I want to at least learn an instrument. I really want to learn guitar. I cannot wait till my next lesson.

If you think high school is scary, it is not that scary. Well not yet! Nah just joking you will be fine!



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You might think that reading is boring and a waste off time but it is not!! When I was young I loved books but as I grew older I didn’t know what to read because there was plenty of books at the library. I was desperate too read something i enjoy and something I get stuck into. I only found what sort of books I like when I was in Yr 6! It is all trial and error. I tried many books until I read a Cathy Cassidy book called Gingersnaps. I loved it. I wanted too read it again and again but I wanted to read all the Cathy Cassidy books in the library. And that is how I started liking books.

I know with the new technology   you wouldn’t be bothered to read. I remember when I was young I used to watch so much T.V( that time I loved to watch High School Musical)  and my dad used to say you should read books. But once you start reading you get so stuck into the book that you feel that you are actually in the book. You wouldn’t want to put it down. I recently read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. I couldn’t put it down. I loved it!! Grace Lin was the author of that book. I also read the year of the Dog and Rat. It is a really nice story.

Some people just don’t like books but it is good to try. When I was young , my mum  used to read me a book called The Yack who yelled YUCK!!!!  The Yack never wanted to taste anything new. She just threw it away until a wise Yack went up to her and said you should try before you yell YUCK. she did, and at the end she was now called the Yack who yelled YUM!!!    THE END

Dream Car


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Well my dream car is an Audi R8. The Audi R8 is the fastest  and the latest Audi. I like this car because the headlight and also the design is epic, spectacular and awesome!

My friends dream car is a Nissan GTR. 



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Orkut Scrap Toys